Haverford Volunteer Firefighters, Businesses Receive Pandemic Funds

Von Air and Manoa Fire Company fire trucks at a fire scene in Haverford Township.
Image via Daily Times.

The American Rescue Plan is funding three COVID-related programs in Haverford Township, writes Pete Bannan for the Daily Times.

The first provides a $950 stipend to Haverford’s volunteer firefighters who served during the COVID-19 pandemic, from March 13, 2020 to Sept. 30, 2021.

Radnor commissioners approved a similar program awarding $1,000 to each of its volunteers.

Haverford Commissioners also approved a “Back to Business” program that offers aid to township businesses and nonprofits hurt from the economic impact of COVID-19.

Phase one of the program awards 45 grants of $2,500 each, totaling $112.500 to township businesses.

Phase two relaxes eligibility requirements so more businesses and nonprofits can qualify.

The township also approved additional sewer construction programs funded from the Plan.

Of the $20 million awarded to Haverford from the American Rescue Plan, money has been allocated so far for:

  • $265,145 to go toward Public Health Emergency funding
  • $3,250,000 to compensate for negative economic impacts
  • $600,000 for services to disproportionately impacted communities
  • 305,000 for essential workers
  • $3,250,000 for water, sewer and broadband infrastructure
  • $2 million for public sector revenue loss-
  • $250,000 in administrative costs.

Read more at the Daily Times about three pandemic-related programs funded in Haverford by the American Rescue Plan.

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