Detroit-Style Pizza Makes Its Debut in Havertown at Crust Pizzeria


Crust Pizzeria on Darby Road in Havertown is bringing a bit of Detroit into Delaware County, writes Timothy Walton for

“We had to bring something different to Havertown,” says owner and pizza chef Nick Haselidis.

Detroit-style pizza gets its name from the pan it’s cooked in, a special 10 by 14-inch blue steel pan modeled after the auto parts pans used by Detroit auto manufacturers.

Plus, the pizza dough is actually cheese, Wisconsin brick cheese.

And the sauce gets added after.

“It’s called racing stripes,” Haselidis says.

Then there are the unique specials—like the South Philly, a pizza with long hots, fried onions, and fennel sausage.

The Greek-inspired Santorini, an ode to Nick’s Greek roots. is spinach, feta cheese, tomatoes, and red onions.

“It reminds me of being on the island of Santorini, Greece.”

There’s the Veratta, a white-based pie topped with house-made pesto.

But the favorite with Crust Pizzeria customers is the H-Town Hot Honey– jalapenos, pepperoni, topped with hot honey sauce.

 “Everything’s from scratch.”

Nick Haselidis opened Crust last October.  They also own the Havertown Grille next door.

“it’s pandemic proof. It’s recession-proof. Who doesn’t like pizza?”

Read more at about Crust Pizzeria in Havertown.

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