C&N Partners with Carefull, New Service Built to Organize and Protect Older Adults’ Daily Finances

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C&N is partnering with Carefull, the first service built to organize and protect older adults’ daily finances, to provide its customers with Carefull’s safe money monitoring technology.

In becoming the Financial Caregiving Partner to C&N, Carefull’s artificial intelligence platform will help C&N’s senior customers by analyzing checking, savings, and credit card accounts for more than 30 issues that can affect older adults’ finances, such as:

  • late or missed payments
  • behavior change and mistakes
  • unusual banking activity
  • cash transfers and charitable contributions that unknowingly recur

Users of the technology — including older adults, select family members, and caregivers who support them — can receive notifications if any fraud or issues are detected.

Through the partnership, C&N will help older customers maintain their financial independence while providing peace of mind to their “financial caregiver” loved ones. Going beyond typical banking, C&N’s Carefull service will also enable robust communication among family members who are involved in the financial safeguarding process.

Additionally, other trusted family members and financial professionals can be added to their “circle” of support to collaborate within the Carefull service and resolve money issues together.

“C&N is committed to providing our customers with innovative solutions and tools to help them navigate every stage of life,” said C&N President and CEO Brad Scovill. “We believe that Carefull’s streamlined, easy-to-use platform will create a great deal of value for our senior customers and their caregivers alike.”

“The C&N team knows that supporting older adults in this environment means more than educational pamphlets; it means offering customers industry-leading monitoring, family communication, and identity protection technology,” said Todd Rovak, Carefull co-founder. “We now know that financial caregiving is as much as a 20-year need, so it’s fantastic to see C&N step up with a system that empowers both older adults and those who support them.”

C&N customers can try the Carefull service for financial accounts and credit and identity monitoring at no additional charge for one full year, all as a benefit of being a C&N accountholder. Customers will also gain access to Carefull’s financial independence tools, advice and content (including Carefull’s weekly Take Care newsletter), the Financial Independence Guide, and the Financial Caregiving Roadmap.

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