New York Times: He Grew Up in Chadds Ford, Now Taavo Somer Is a Trend-Setter

Freemans Restaurant in New York.
Image via Joyce Dopkeen, The New York Times.
Freemans Restaurant on the Lower East Side of New York in 2004.

Taavo Somer grew up in Chadds Ford as the only child of Estonian immigrants.

Today, he’s a trend-setting restauranteur, fashion designer and entrepreneurr in New York, responsible for heritage chic and the urban woodsman look on the Lower East Side in the early 2000s, writes Alex Williams for The New York Times.

There’s his nouveau-retro restaurant ,Freeman’s, at the back of Freeman’s Alley and Freeman’s Sporting Club, home to his men’s wear label.

He drew on Chadds Ford’s Revolutionary War-era Americana to transform a cafeteria into Freeman’s, in the style of a Colonial hunting club.

Now he’s set his eye on golf.

Somer, 48, and his partners have created a country club; Inness, a 220-acre resort in the Hudson Valley town of Accord, N.Y.  with a rustic nine-hole golf course.

Somer doesn’t play golf.

 “What I connect with is that it looks like a park,” he added. “Maybe this is naïve, but I think that one of the big draws for golfers to a golf course is the natural environment. I think it also happens with fishing or hunting, too.”

He hopes Inness will feel like a modern Catskills family resort from the 1960s.

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