Does the Delco Bubble Exist? It’s a Matter of Perspective

A nice day at a picnic area at Ridley Creek State Park.
Image via Emma Lee, WHYY.
A tranquil day at Ridley Creek State Park, thanks to the Delco Bubble?

There is, some say, a Delco Bubble, writes Kenny Cooper for WHYY.

Urban Dictionary defines it as “a fictional bubble that some believe surrounds Delaware County and protects it from harsh weather and other hazards while [surrounding] counties get hit hard.”

Lots of people from the Facebook group Citizens of Delco chimed in about it.

Donald Jacobs of Drexel Hill said his parents knew about the Bubble since moving here from Lycoming County in the 1980s.

“And they said the whole time they lived here, they’ve noticed that we must be in some type of valley or something crazy, because storms always break up and go around us,” Jacobs said.

Jans Carry of Upper Chichester said her late father, Kevin Carey, president and firefighter with Darby Company No. 1, was a “big weather nerd” who knew about the Bubble 10 years ago.

It was a big deal at the firehouse, trying to predict if the Bubble would hold or not, she said.

Sarah Johnson, from the National Weather Service, describes the Bubble as “largely perception.”

“Severe weather can happen anywhere, and it has happened everywhere in our area,” Johnson said.

Read more at WHYY about the viability of the Delco Bubble.

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