Family Keeps This Villanova Wide Receiver Focused on the Field and Off

Villanova wide receiver Rayjoun Pringle.
Image via Yong Kim, The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Villanova wide receiver Rayjoun Pringle.

Family is on the mind of Rayjoun Pringle mind, and a part of his game-day routine at Villanova University, writes Bridget Hyland for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The a wide receiver wakes up Saturday mornings and calls his mother, sister and brother. Then the phone stays off until the game is over.

 “They definitely stay in my ear,” Pringle said. Even when I’m doing good, just making sure that I’m working harder, not just on the field but off the field too. They definitely pushed me to be a better man.”

His focus on family is paying off on the field. 

He appeared in eight games i his freshman year. As a sophomore, he started all four games in a shortened spring season and was named second-team All CAA.

At a recent weekend game with a 28-27 win to Villanova, Pringle caught the winning touchdown.

Pringle considers being part of the team a “blessing,” and said he’s doing it for his family at home.

 “It shows me my why,” Pringle said. “Why I’m doing this. For my brother and sister, just showing them that there’s more to life than just staying at home or staying where I’m from.

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See Rayjoun make the winning touch down in this game highlight from Oct. 9,2021.

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