Wagging Dog Brigade Sooths Passenger Anxiety at Philadelphia Airport


The Wagging Dog Brigade is patrolling the Philadelphia International Airport on a mission to calm anxious passengers, writes Hannah Kanik for Philly Voice. 

“Our employees love seeing them too,” Leah Douglas, Director of Guest Experience. “Everyone walks away happy and with a smile on their face.”

The Wagging Dog Brigade has been in the airport since March 2019, starting with four teams of dogs and handlers.

The airport has partnered with Alliance of Therapy Dogs, a national nonprofit that certifies handlers and their dogs.

Today there are 10 teams and two more on the way.

Each dog and handler team walk the terminals for two hours a week, giving travelers a memorable and hopefully stress-free experience.

Unlike some service dogs, people are encouraged to pet these canines. When passengers realize they can pet the dogs, their faces light up.

The airport has trading cards for each dog with a photo, name, breed and fun facts like birthdates and favorite treats.

Volunteers are encouraged to join the program as the airport is looking to expand it even further.

The airport also has volunteers under its Volunteer Navigators program welcoming travelers and answering questions they may have.

Read more at Philly Voice about therapy dogs at the airport.

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