Area Man Becomes Viral Sensation for TikTok Videos Highlighting Life in the Classroom as a Gay Teacher

Tell Williams TikTok
Tell Williams.

West Chester resident Tell Williams has become a viral sensation with more than a million followers on TikTok for his hilarious and activist videos that highlight life in the classroom as a gay teacher, writes Ayana Herndon for Café

His very first TikTok video in which he describes a conversation he had with a parent regarding an F-bomb delivered by her Pre-K child racked up a half-million views in one day.

Despite trying to be positive about all aspects of his work, Williams admits that being a gay educator is not always easy.

“I had a parent that was incredibly racist and homophobic,” he said. “It was so bad that I no longer did home visits with the parent, and an administrator would sit in during our parent-teacher conferences.”

He also tries to make everything a teachable moment. When one of his students told a Hispanic girl she could not be a Disney princess because of her race, Williams put a mural on the wall with every Disney princess and prince he could think of with “Anyone Can Be a Princess” on it.

Teaching goes beyond 9 to 5, he believes. Teachers play important roles in students’ lives.

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