Biking-Hiking Advocacy Group Sees Hope for Doylestown to New Hope Extension

Doylestown to New Hope trail, Bucks County, Pa.
Image via Velotton at Creative Commons.
Several interested parties have highlighted the value of a Doylestown-to-New-Hope trail.

To continue progress on a 25-year plan to make Bucks County more accessible by trails, several interested parties have proposed an addition to the pathway along Route 202. Justine Heinze reported on the 2.8-mile trail extension for the Doylestown Patch.

Trail supporters include Bucks County itself and the Circuit Coalition, an advocacy group that works to encourage trail use throughout the Greater Philadelphia Metro Area.

These entities have been working since the late 1990s, advocating on behalf of cyclists, runners, and hikers. They see a robust trail system as being an advantageous part of:

  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Environmentally sound public policy
  • Worthy alternatives to traditional commuting methods

The proposed stretch of trail would run between Doylestown Borough and Buckingham Township, providing a critical link in the 202 Parkway Trail. It would also connect to the larger, 30-plus mile Doylestown Community Bike and hike network.

Among its numerous benefits is an additional tourism draw for popular New Hope.

Currently, the 202 Parkway Trail runs nine miles or so between Montgomeryville and Doylestown.

Officials also pointed to several ongoing residential and commercial projects nearby that the trail extension would benefit:

  • The Tabor Land Development on 601 New Britain Road
  • The Callan Tract on Easton Road
  • The Wawa on S. Main Street
  • The South Main Street Trail near Steeplechase Drive

A copy of its complete study is available online. More on this route is at the Doylestown Patch.

The Circuit Coalition’s existing network of trails across the Philadelphia suburbs.
The extension to the Doylestown-New Hope link would add nearly three miles of additional trail possibilities for Bucks County.
Image via the Circuit Coalition.
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