So There’s Chester, PA. But It Doesn’t Have a Giant Teapot

Chester City Centre in Great Britain.
Image via ChsireLive.
Chester City Centre in Great Britain.

There’s a Chester in Britain that’s been around awhile. It has the oldest racecourse, the largest Roman Amphitheater in the country, a 1,000-year-old Cathedral, and 700-year-old shopping galleries.

It’s also a name that’s been exported around America, writes Olivia Williams for

Delaware County, of course, has the city of Chester, the oldest city in Pennsylvania named for its English counterpart.

So where else does the name Chester come up?

You can find it in 25 states and in Nova Scotia, Canada, where it’s home to Canada’s largest keel racing regatta.

It’s home to the world’s largest teapot in Hancock, West Virginia, converted from a Hires Root Beer sign.

In Virginia, it was the site of a Civil War battle.

In South Carolina, Aaron Burr rode through Chester on his way to his trial for treason. A large rock he stood on pleading for rescue has been preserved there as the Aaron Burr Rock.

Chester, New York lays claim as the birthplace of Philadelphia-style cream cheese.

In Montana, the town was named by its first telegraph operator “in honor of his hometown in Pennsylvania.”

In Illinois, it’s the “Home of Popeye, the birthplace of the character’s creator, Elzie Segar.

Read more at about places named Chester.

Visit Chester, West Virginia and see the world’s largest teapot.

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