Career Corner: Working Remote? Make sure You’re Not Overlook

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Whether you have health concerns or have just accepted a non-local position, many companies are now much more open to having remote employees. But how do you develop a good rapport if you’re one of the few remote workers and everyone else is in the office?

If you worry about becoming an afterthought, Dorie Clark of the Harvard Business Review shares some methods that can help you remain noticed at work even virtually.

One unfortunate reality Clark brings up is the perception bosses might have that remote workers will be more prone to slacking off. To combat this, Clark acknowledges that you may need to work harder to make it clear there’s no truth to that perception.

One such way of doing this could be to get assignments done in advance of their deadline, proving you worked hard to get done sooner.

Clark also discusses how you will likely need something to substitute for the absence of natural opportunities to build a personal connection. When working from home you can’t exactly bump into someone in the break room and chat about your weekend.

Having those bonds keeps you in people’s minds, though. It’s more pressure on you, but you might need to take the lead and invite people to something like a virtual networking event to have that chance to actually interact with them.

And lastly, it might not be feasible for everyone, but one surefire way to ensure you will be noticed is to stop by the office if you can. This doesn’t mean switching to an in-person schedule, but maybe come in for a big meeting or social event.

Giving people a chance to see you in person will guarantee that people remember you exist, even if you aren’t there often.

For more ideas on how you can make sure you aren’t overlooked as a remote worker, read the Harvard Business Review article here.


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