Startup Brings Workers Over 50 and Labor-Starved Companies Together

Zave Smith has started xBound, a platform linking older workers with business.
Image via Zave Smith.
Zave Smith.

Media resident Zave Smith has been a photographer for more than three decades.

Now he’s created a startup,, writes Molly Green for

The free dual-sided platform is a response to three things:

  • People laid off at 50 and above have a hard time getting their careers back on track.
  • 10,000 people a day are retiring and there aren’t enough millennials to replace them.
  • People are retiring from a workforce they can no longer be in.

 “There are people with tremendous skills and business knowledge and wisdom… and they just couldn’t physically work the 50 hours a week that they’ve been doing for years and years,” Zave Smith explains. “But if they could find a part-time gig or a project-based gig that was 10-20 hours a week where they work for some company and then take a little time off… they would love that.”  helps companies and organizations benefit from the expertise and wisdom of late-career and semi-retired talent.

 “People seemed so generally excited about the idea when I talked about it, that’s what made me go ahead and do it,” says Smith.  

xBound recently won the Science Center’s new OnRamp: Stimulate Your Start-Up pitch competition.

Read more at about this new startup.

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