Villanova Assistant Dean Named as Diversity Officer at Harvard

Villanova University Assistant Dean Terrill L. Drake.
Image via Harvard Business School.
Villanova University Assistant Dean Terrill L. Drake.

An associate dean at Villanova University will be the Harvard Business School’s first chief diversity officer, writes Hannah Green for Philadelphia Business Journal.

Terrill L. Drake will start his new position this fall.

Drake will develop a strategy to create and cultivate a culture of inclusive excellence, diversity, equity throughout the Harvard Business School community.

“The commitment to improve, and the humility with which the school has approached the work thus far, sets the stage for real progress in the years ahead,” Drake said in a statement.

He’s currently associate dean of strategic initiatives and head diversity officer at the Villanova School of Business.

Part of his new job includes implementing the school’s Racial Equity Action Plan.

The plan calls for increased diversity and inclusion practices in seven areas:

  • Curriculum
  •  Research and dissemination
  • Faculty and doctoral
  • Students and participants
  • Organization and culture
  • Staff
  • Business engagement.

“Harvard Business School strives to be a living model of the principles we teach in our educational programs,” Angela Crispi, HBS’s executive dean for administration. “Leading diversity and strengthening an inclusive culture are vital skills in today’s organizations,”

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