At SAP in Newtown Square, Jessica Wescott Enjoys Tech and Philanthropy

Jessica Wescott at SAP America in Newtown Square.
Image via submitted photo.
Jessica Wescott at SAP America in Newtown Square.

Jessica Wescott from Bryn Mawr  started as an intern at SAP America in Newtown Square.

Today, she’s the service delivery manager, growing the professional development program for one of the region’s largest tech employees, writes Ayannah Kamryn for Campus Philly, appearing in

Wescott provides comprehensive training, certifications and defined career paths. She leads a team of associate technical quality managers. 

She also mentors the Autism at Work program and is ambassador to the Diversity and Inclusion Organization and Corporate Social Responsibility Organization at SAP.

Wescott is the founder of Planting to Feed, Inc., a nonprofit working to end hunger.

At SAP, she gets to use her mathematician background and do good works at the same time.

 “At the time I didn’t consider myself a techie or interested in tech at all, but I’m so grateful for the opportunity to lean in. I also work for the best company in the region, SAP, which allows me to bring my philanthropist side into work,” she said.

That includes give back programs like Spring into Service, Month of Service and overall corporate social responsibility activities.

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