Putting the Word Out in Delaware County to Save a Life in Springfield


A young Springfield man and his mother are hoping that someone in the community can find him a kidney and save his life, reports Joe Holden for Philadelphia.cbslocal.com.

 “He knows I’ll do anything for him and this is the one thing I can’t do,” said his mom, Helene Aldorasi.  “I want my son to go on and live his life. He was a normal kid before any of this happened, a healthy kid and he deserves to live.”

Gregory McNamee ,23 , has been diagnosed with end-stage renal failure, membranous nephropathy.

Time is working against him.

McNamee needs a match. His blood type is O positive. An O negative donor would also work.

Nine hours of dialysis is keeping him a live.

“Now he’s doing it seven nights a week, he’s been doing it for 13 months,” Aldorasi said.

McNamee thought he had COVID when he suffered headaches and vomiting last year.

Then a specialist gave him the news.

He has less than 20 percent function between both kidneys. He needs one to go back to normal.

Lisa Riggin contacted the family a month ago and has been spreading the word since.

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