Vaccine Drive Dedicated to Delaware County Police Super Who Died of COVID-19

David Bjorkgren

A Delaware County Park Police Superintendent who died last month from COVID-19 is being remembered with a county law enforcement vaccine drive dedicated to him, writes Joe Holden for

Scott Mahoney, 47, contracted the virus along with friend and colleague, Acting Captain Roger Joseph.

 “I would always tell him to focus on getting better. Don’t worry about this stuff, and now he’s not here for me to tell him that, and that’s what kills me,” Joseph said.

To honor his service, law enforcement from around the county were invited to a “Shots for Scott” vaccination clinic Wednesday.

Chris Eiserman with Folcroft police said Mahoney’s death as a 47-year-old may make younger people think seriously about getting vaccinated.

 “…He went into the hospital and never came out so I think they look at that and say, ‘that could be me.’”

Superintendent Mahoney was a father of four. His wife, Randy, describes her husband as “my rock,” a hard worker, with a sense of humor when needed.

 “I always told him that when he retires, he should do cartoon characters,” Randi said. “Because when we say something goofy, he always goes into this little character and makes you laugh.”

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