Maizie Argondizza Went from Concert Manager to Vaccination Supervisor

David Bjorkgren
Maizie Argondizza is a vaccination quality control supervisor for Delaware County
Image via David Maialetti, The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Maizie Ardondizza

Maizie Argondizza had been a 33-year-old  manager booking concert tours for the Baltimore-based Sean K. Preston band.

Then COVID stopped the music industry cold, writes Maria Panaritis for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Today, Maize Argondizza is a quality control supervisor for seven vaccination outposts run in Delaware County.

“Every time I say ‘yes,’ I get experiences that nobody else has,” she said. “Here I am, operating a public vaccination site. I’d never before thought I’d work in public health.”

It started from an ad looking for volunteers to help the county respond to COVID-19.

So she volunteered last year at COVID testing sites. There were a lot of terrified, nervous people in line back then.

When the vaccines showed up, there were tears of joy.

In November, she worked a temp job helping with the General Election.

Her leadership skills were noted and she was offered a job as a paid staffer on the county’s public health payroll.

 The rest is history.

 “Every single person that’s here not only has the greater good of the community in mind, but we all have selfish motives, too,” Argondizza said. “I want to go to concerts again. I want that back.”

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