Delaware County Teen Creates Miniature Food Pantry Outside His Home to Help Those in Need


A 13-year-old Aston boy has created a mini-food pantry at his home after witnessing how some local families are struggling to find enough to eat, reports Ashley Johnson for

Luke DiLorenzo wanted to do something after volunteering at the Media Food Bank in February.

“When I went to the food bank, I saw a lot of people and even some people I recognized. And it made me realize that even some people I know might need help,” Luke DiLorenzo said.

Luke decided to create a “Free Little Pantry” in front of his home. ]

Ron Buck, a neighbor with carpentry skills, helped the Northley Middle School student build a makeshift pantry.

The Free Little Pantry is open for everyone. It’s also a help to the neighborhood, according to Luke’s mother, Candice DiLorenzo.

“You need some sugar or if you need mustard, peanut butter, jelly check it out, see if it’s in there. And then next time you walk by, leave something,” she said.

The Free Little Pantry is on the 4600 block of Park Lane in Aston.

Read more at about Luke’s “Free Little Pantry.”

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