‘Adopt Me!’ Providence Animal Center in Media has Cats and Dogs Seeking Forever Homes

David Bjorkgren

You’ll find some eager friends waiting to be adopted at the Providence Animal Center in Media, reports Jessica Boyington for 6abc.com.  

The Center was named by 6abc as a top six animal shelter in the Philadelphia region.

But Providence is more than just a place to adopt dogs and cats.

You can have your pet’s health checked at the public wellness clinic, or enroll them in a public behavioral class.

The refurbished facility is newly clean, with heated floors in the kennels.

Staff and up to 400 rotating volunteers offer the pets regular walks, enrichment toys to alleviate boredom and an unending supply of love.

Taking up residency recently at Providence was Penne, a one-year-old kitten who veterinarians think was hit by a car. He’s had hip surgery, an eye removed, but maintains his sweet disposition.

Sumo is a Maltese mix. Maggie is a Scottish Terrier mix. Both are 3-years-old and come from Florida. They are bonded friends and must be adopted together.

Dixie is a 7-year-old Pit Bull stray from Georgia who can do tricks, but loves a good rubdown.

Guinness is an 8-year-old hound mix who loves affection.

Find out what the Providence Animal Center has to offer, with an appointment Tuesday through Sunday.