A Divinely-Influenced Misdial Gave 2 Delaware County Women a Friend Just When They Needed It

David Bjorkgren

She was off by a digit but that mistake has blossomed into a friendship between two Delaware County women, reports Joe Holden for Philadelphia.cbslocal.com.

Anna Forte was trying to reach her husband Edmond at a rehab center.

But the number she dialed wasn’t her husband, but Lisa Parks of Milmont Park.

“She called the wrong number about a year ago and her voice was shaky, she sounded upset,” Parks said.  “She said it’s so nice to hear someone’s voice.”

Parks couldn’t get Anna off her mind. She called back.

“God told me to answer that call and thank God I did and it was Lisa,” Anna said. “She said ‘It’s Lisa, the lady you called by mistake’ and the conversation started.”

Anna couldn’t be with her husband.  Lisa was out of work.

They’ve kept in touch for a year now by phone — until Sunday, when, after being  vaccinated, they met in person for the first time.

Edmond died this past year, and Anna’s faith tells her she was meant to contact Lisa.

“She always has an ear for me, listens to me, and we enjoy talking to each other,” Anna said.

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