Newtown Square’s Jared Feinman Releases Debut Album, ‘Love Is an Obstacle’

David Bjorkgren

Recording artist Jared Feinman of Newtown Square takes a deep dive into heartbreak with his latest album, “Love Is an Obstacle”, writes Ajani MartinAbascal for

“Sometimes people need to cry it out,” says Jared Feinman. “This album gives us all permission to do so.”

The 12-song collection of ballads fuse jazz and pop.

“Each song has a certain resonance, which will vary depending on who’s listening,” he says. “Carefully and emotionally sequenced, this album requires an active listener.”

A gospel choir is featured on the album’s key song, “(Let’s Sing for) Love and Be Free.”  It’s the inspiration for Feinman’s nonprofit Love and Be Free Foundation.

The Foundation aids Philly Music Fest’s micro-grant initiative.

Feinman started out at 6 with some classical training on piano. He later developed his songwriting and performing skills at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

 “My background in jazz informs the way I approach music and the natural decisions I make,” Feinman says. “It reminds my grandmother and her friends of the ’40s. People my age think more of Sam Smith, Billy Joel or Elton John.”

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