Looking to Get Vaccinated? Here’s Where to Go in Delaware County

David Bjorkgren

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has released a map that highlights all the locations that are providing the COVID-19 vaccine in Delaware County to those who are eligible within the first phase of the state’s rollout plan, writes John Misinco for The Morning Call.

The list is updated on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and is self-reported by the vaccine providers.

The map contains locations that have the vaccine and those scheduled to receive them as of Jan. 22, where sign-ups are underway.

Here are the locations that currently have vaccines with sign-up links where available:

Here are the locations that currently do not have vaccines but are taking sign-ups:

  • Marcus Hook Pharmacy, 46 E 10th Street, Marcus Hook
  • Wegmans, 100 Applied Bank Blvd., 100 Applied Bank Blvd, Glen Mills

See all the available locations to get a COVID-19 vaccine at The Morning Call by clicking here.