Albert M. Greenfield, of Villanova, Real Estate Developer, Philanthropist, and Mr. Philadelphia’s Grandson, Dies Aged 65

David Bjorkgren
Images via the Family.

Albert M. Greenfield III, of Villanova, a real estate developer, philanthropist, and grandson of Mr. Philadelphia, died on February 7 aged 65, writes Gary Miles for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Greenfield made it his life’s work to carry on the family legacy of local real estate development and philanthropy started by his grandfather, Albert M. Greenfield, a Philadelphia real estate magnate and philanthropist, which was continued by his father, Albert M. Greenfield Jr., a real estate company chairman and civic leader.

Greenfield with his family.

After the family company was sold, Greenfield was instrumental in reacquiring it in 1990. Later, he took on numerous real estate development projects, some of which caused controversy.

One of his goals was to make Chestnut Street a pedestrian-friendly zone and he built and renovated numerous projects in Center City, Manayunk, and elsewhere throughout the region.

“He had the ability to see what could be,” said Wendy Greenfield, his wife.

Greenfield also served as an Albert M. Greenfield Foundation board member. There he played a key role in several important initiatives and grants, including the development of Dilworth Park and the establishment of the Arden Children’s Theatre.

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