Springfield Mall Store Lets Customers Express Their Inner Delco With Stuff

David Bjorkgren
Image via Peg DeGrassa, MediaNews Group.
Lara Lewis of the Delco Original Trading Company.

Nothing says Delco pride like, we don’t know, a T-shirt?

Or  a hoodie? Maybe a hat.

Whatever. Delco merchandise sold hot and heavy over the holidays and continues to do brisk sales at a holiday pop-up store, Delco Original Trading Company at the Springfield Mall, writes Peg DeGrassa for the Daily Times.

The store was opened Dec. 5 by owners Erik Schmidt and fiancée Lara Lewis , who live in Media.

 It featured Delco and Philly-themed merchandise, including licensed merchandise from local sports teams.

The store’s success has kept it open past the holiday season, with an official closing Monday, Jan. 18.

 “Lara knows Delco, but I am just learning,” Schmidt says, smiling. “I love how welcoming the community is. I learned this from the beginning. I can be open and honest with everyone that I am new here and just learning about Delco and what it means.

“The attitude to me is always ‘you’re here now so you’re one of us.’”

‘Delco Original’ items were a big hit this year, Lewis said.

He has been told overwhelmingly that people are coming to the mall because of their store.

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