Naked Ballots Will Be Tossed Out, Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules

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Delaware County Councilwoman Christine Reuther is worried about voters who are voting by mail as they face an unusual presidential election, writes Jonathan Lai for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

“For a lot of people, this is going to be their first experience voting by mail,” Reuther. “They didn’t vote absentee, they didn’t vote in the primary, and this whole thing is going to seem really strange to them.”

Adding to her concern is a recent decision by the state Supreme Court in Pennsylvania ordering officials to throw out “naked ballots.”

Naked ballots are mail-in ballots that arrive at election bureaus without inner “secrecy envelopes.”

In Pennsylvania, a completed mail-in ballot gets put into a “secrecy envelope” that has no identifying information. That envelope then goes into a larger mailing envelope signed by the voter.

This is the first year that Pennsylvania can vote by mail so no one knows how many naked ballots will arrive. Officials worry it could mean a lot of ballots being tossed.

The court also extended the deadline for voters to send back mail-in ballots and it allowed for drop boxes.

Read more about the Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision regarding “naked ballots” here.

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