Delaware County, Philadelphia Suburbs Ace Social Distancing Scoreboard

Delaware County's change in average mobility through March 21st. Philadelphia area residents have been taking the coronavirus threat seriously, with the majority of local counties, including Montgomery County, getting an A on the Social Distancing Scoreboard. Image via Unacast.

The new Social Distancing Scoreboard published by Unacast shows that Philadelphia area residents have been taking the coronavirus threat seriously and practicing social distancing, writes Geoffrey A. Fowler for The Washington Post.

The company which collects and analyzes phone GPS location data has launched a scoreboard that grades states and counties based on which residents are altering their normal behavior at the urging of health officials. Unacast is using the reduction in total distance traveled to determine if somebody is staying put at home.

Pennsylvania is among the states that have received an A, with an overall 45 percent reduction in travel of its residents.

Within the Philadelphia region, that percentage is even higher. Montgomery County has seen travel by its residents fall by 56 percent, with Chester and Delaware counties having a 55 percent reduction each.

Meanwhile Bucks County has also seen its residents reduce travel by 53 percent, along with Philadelphia County, at 52 percent.

These five counties are at the top of all the Keystone State counties.

Meanwhile, Jefferson County in western pennsylvania 50 miles southeast of Erie, received an F with almost no change in the traveling habits of its residents.

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