Yangming Restaurant in Radnor Township Set to Close Feb. 3 After 30 Years

Managing partner Michael Wei talks with an appreciative customer. Image via 6abc.com.

Yangming, an award-winning Chinese fusion restaurant in Radnor, is closing Feb. 3 after 30 years, reports Trish Hartman for 6abc.com.

Managing partner Michael Wei, at 77, said it’s time to retire from the long hours.

The restaurant will close for a few months and reopen under new management, remaining a Chinese restaurant.

Wei said he really has really appreciated his customers.

“They are not only customers, they are my dear friends. I appreciate their support. Without them it’s just four walls,” said Wei.

Customers, likewise, expressed their support for the restaurant.

“The staff are wonderful and they’re like friends at this point. So new management may not mean the same human element,” said Judith Shapiro, a long-time customer.

Yangming is the kind of place where customers know the chefs, and know their specialties.

“The bartender always tells me, ‘He’s here today.’ I’m like, good. I’ll order scallops. Crabcakes are unbelievable too,” said a loyal customer from Bryn Mawr.

John Bevalacqua of Bryn Mawr described Tangming’s as a Bryn Mawr staple.

In 2015, the restaurant had to close for a few months due to health violations, but the newly-renovated restaurant made a come back.

Read more about the closing of Yangming’s here.

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