Nittany Lions Coach Pat Chambers Recalls a Time When He Had to Sneak into The Palestra

Nittany Lion coach Pat Chambers. Image via

When Penn State faced Iowa at The Palestra in Philadelphia recently, Nittany Lions coach Pat Chambers didn’t have to sneak in, writes Mark Brennan for

But that wasn’t always true.

Chambers said at a recent press conference that his sports-centered family paid a lot of visits to the Palestra, but getting tickets for everyone wasn’t easy.

“But my dad would be in the back, showing the (ticket) guy, ‘Yeah, I got plenty of tickets.’ We’d all just run and scatter. He’d tell us the section, ‘Hey, be in this section at this time — we’ll reconvene. But if this guy finds you, just stay where you are. Or go to the bathroom.’

Chambers added. “I couldn’t make this up. And then other times, you know, when you’re a teenager and you’re downtown and you want to go to a game, you’re kind of hanging out by the side door. Somebody props it open and you’re in.”

Chambers is confident the statute of limitations on his delinquent behavior has expired, because he has returned to The Palestra multiple times as a coach without being arrested.

Read more about Nittany Lion coach Pat Chambers’ early days at the Palestra here. 

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