El Paso Soccer Club Gets Generous Donation and Support From Ridley United Soccer Club

David Bjorkgren
Submitted photo to Delaware County News Network.

When the El Paso shootings took place Aug. 3 at a Walmart store, the El Paso Fusion Soccer Club was fundraising outside for equipment, writes Kevin Tustin for Delaware County News Network.

Twenty two people were killed in the shooting and many others injured, including two of the youth soccer team’s coaches, a coach’s wife and a player’s mom.

When The Ridley United Soccer Club heard what had happened, they wanted to do something.

The Monday immediately following the shooting, Ridley United’s Ways and Means Director Nick Furman reached out to the club directly to show his support.

“The coach was in shock that we were reaching out from afar to help their club during a horrific time,” said Furman. “He was appreciative and thankful.  We talked about the team and the season ahead.”

Ridley United went above and beyond with social media messages of thoughts and prayers by sending a $1,000 check to the El Paso Club. The fusion club’s $30,000 fundraising goal has been gaining momentum since it launched on the crowdsourcing site GoFundMe on Aug. 4.

“It was important, very important to step up and work with them,” Furman said.

Read more about the El Paso fundraiser here.

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