Five Neat Products for Under $20 to Help Keep Your Home Clean


We all have trouble keeping EVERYTHING tidy around the house from time to time. There’s no shame in it.

Below, I’ve compiled 5 products, all under $20, that will help you keep your home cleaner this summer!


5. LED & LCD Screen Cleaner Kit: Everyone hates getting fingerprints off TVs and computers.

Eco-friendly and it works very well for all your electronic surfaces. Comes with a microfiber cloth as well, so no surface is damaged.


4. Magnetic Bottle Opener & Cap Catcher: No more truant bottle caps on the floor with this cap-catcher!

Wall or refrigerator mount, this is a two-in-one bottle opener and cap catcher that will take care of loose bottle caps!


3. Mini Desk Vacuum Cleaner: This is a tiny vacuum to help clean up small messes and dust that accumulates.

USB/Battery-powered mini vacuum that’s excellent for keyboards and other sensitive spaces that need cleaning.


2. Magnetic Paper Towel Holder: Great for outdoor parties or any area that need some extra cleanliness.

A sturdy magnetic base allows this to hold up on any metal. Instant paper towel holder wherever you need it!


1. Eco Breeze Can Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator: It’s compact so you can put it anywhere in the house it’s needed!

Removes smoke, odor, pollen, or any unwanted smells around the house or in the car. Works great in my shoe closet!

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