Original Clam Tavern in Clifton Heights Among Top Restaurants in Philadelphia Suburbs

Image from The Original Clam Tavern via Clem Murray, Philadelphia Inquirer.

Among all of the outstanding restaurants in the Philadelphia suburbs, there are some that really stand out, like The Original Clam Tavern in Clifton Heights, writes restaurant critic Craig LaBan for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The eatery is an old-school fish house that has stayed true Clifton Heights’ blue-collar roots with more than a half-century of fair prices, classic nautical ambience, and a reasonably-priced beer selection.

The tavern is owned by Tony Blanche, a childhood clam-shucker who returned home to buy the eatery after a career in sales. Blanche is also one of its greatest assets, as he understands the value of using quality ingredients and treating them simply.

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Some of the delicious options include the clams casino, red-sauced mussels, and spaghetti with clams. But it’s not just the fish options that draw in guests; other favorites include the filet mignon and the veal Oscar lavished with buttery hollandaise.

Most popular are its signature baked clams. The juicy middlenecks are roasted whole with lightly browned Italian seasonings and a mysterious red dot.

“It’s not pimento, which is what most people think,” said Blanche. “It’s ketchup. I never figured out why. But I stick by the recipe.”

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