Inmates at SCI Chester Learn About Finance, Prepare for Life Outside Prison

Image of Becky MacDicken via David Maialetti, Philadelphia Inquirer.

Inmates at SCI Chester recently attended a financial-education workshop to prepare for life outside of prison, writes Erin Arvedlund for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Becky MacDicken, an outreach specialist with the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities, conducted the two-hour workshop through a formal partnership with the Department of Corrections. MacDicken visits every prison or correctional facility in the state at least once a year on a rotating basis.

“I encourage inmates to begin their financial education before they get out of prison,” she said.

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During her workshops, MacDicken will instruct inmates on subjects such as banking, savings, credit, loans, budgeting, and retirement.

Some inmates are senior citizens, receive disability or benefits, and own property or other assets in the outside world. Other inmates are in their early 20s and want to start fresh, financially and in life.

“I know nothing about banking, savings, or retirement,” one of the inmates said. “I’d like to go to community college when I get out, maybe start a carpentry and construction business. This stuff is all new to me.”

Read more about SCI Chester and its financial-education workshop in the Philadelphia Inquirer by clicking here.

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