WIP Sports Radio Host from Havertown Considered Running for Congress

Image of Glen Macnow via Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel, Philadelphia Inquirer.

Havertown resident Glen Macnow, a popular sports radio host on WIP, gave serious thought to challenging Delaware County Republican Pat Meehan for his Congressional seat, writes Holly Otterbein for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“I am concerned about the country,” said Macnow. “I don’t like what’s being left for my children and my grandchildren in terms of the environment, debt, and lack of civility.”

Macnow, who identifies as a moderate Democrat, talked about a potential bid with four past and present members of Congress, and others experienced in running campaigns. He also spoke to some people in media, and ultimately decided against running.

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One of the deciding factors was spending most of his time raising money for the campaign.

“I would have liked to serve in Congress and serve the public,” he said. However, “I think I would not have enjoyed the prospect of asking everybody I know, as well as complete strangers, to give me a lot of money.”

Another key factor is that he enjoys his day job too much.

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