Walkway Safety the Goal of Chester-Based Health Mats

Health Mats, a family-owned company based in Chester, provides walkway safety solutions for commercial properties throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

Health Mats, a family-owned company based in Chester, provides walkway safety solutions for commercial properties throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

It’s also in the business of saving money for its clients. Lots of money.

Too often, business owners overlook the importance of walkway safety in their facility. And it ends up costing them money down the road.

Much more money than if they would’ve initially invested in the services of Health Mats, which specializes in providing – and maintaining/laundering – quality floor mats.

In office suites, hospitals, restaurants, schools, factories, and just about any facility, floor mats are a key element in any building maintenance program. Without them, buildings incur hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year in excessive costs, both cleaning and otherwise.

“One of our customers, a grocery store, just told us the other day that they’ve saved thousands of dollars with our floor mats,” said Kristina Smith, the Business Development and Marketing Manager at Health Mats. “They’re not spending anywhere near the same amount of money other grocery stores do to maintain the shine on their floors.

“Think about the enamel that protects your teeth. It can wear away if you don’t take care of it. Same thing goes for the condition of a floor. It can deteriorate pretty quickly if it’s not protected.”

Statistics suggest that for everyone $1 a business spends keeping soil out of its building, it will save $10 in removing the soil once it’s inside.

Furthermore, what is the first thing people look at when judging the cleanliness of a building? Forty-two percent of consumers answered, “the floor.”

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Consider how floor mats:

  • reduce a facility’s maintenance costs
  • improve a facility’s appearance
  • protect a facility’s floor

Perhaps the most important reason floor mats are critical to a building, though, is that they help to prevent slips and falls. In other words, potential lawsuits.

Floor surfaces that are not properly covered with commercial mats and not maintained can be a major source of injuries, leading to lawsuits and workers’ compensation claims. It has been cited that 85 percent of the latter are tied to employees falling on slippery surfaces, a statistic that illustrates the grave danger that slick, unmaintained flooring can pose to a company’s staff members and visitors.

What differentiates Health Mats from its competition is that it can provide customers with larger-sized mats.

“We can customize mats as large as six feet by 20 feet,” said Smith. “The bigger the mat, the better. Considering the fact that – for every four corners of a mat – there’s a hazard, larger mats are an overall better walkway solution than a bunch of little ones.”

Walkway safety isn’t something that most people recognize, unless there’s a problem. The Health Mats walkway safety program provides clients with proper walkway safety solutions.

“Several small mats at an entrance area can become a safety hazard for people walking in and out of a building,” said Smith. “Larger mats can replace several small mats and cover more floor surface.”

In addition to supplying its clients with a great product, Health Mats offers a rental mat program to help clean and maintain mats, so they always look great!

Click here to read more about Health Mats and the myriad products and services it offers.

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