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Students can still say “God bless America” if they want to after the morning Pledge of Allegiance at Sabold Elementary School, but administrators will no longer recite the phrase over the public address system at the Pledge’s conclusion, writes Susan Serbin for the Daily Times. Each morning, Principal Peter Brigg leads the children in the Pledge of Allegiance, and concludes by saying “God bless America,” a Sabold custom for several years. At least one parent took exception to this practice and contacted the Freedom from Religion Foundation, making a case it violated a portion of the First Amendment prohibiting government sponsorship of religious messages. Foundation legal counsel Christoper Line sent a March 25, 2019 letter to the district Superintendent stating that the school must cease proclaiming “God bless America” after the Pledge. In response, school district Solicitor Mark Sereni concluded that Sabold was in error including the phrase. ”The difference is children repeating it said by an administrator versus a child choosing to express it,” he said. The Foundation was satisfied with the district's response. Since then, however, several conservative and religious websites, including Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, have weighed in against the decision. Read more about about the school’s decision here. [uam_ad id="62465"]

Five Star Senior Living, a national healthcare and senior living provider offering high quality service and care with the warmth and hospitality of home, has the following career opening in their Devon, Exton and Glen Mills facilities.

Sales Specialist

The Sales Specialist atFive Star Senior Living works with community teams to build census targets in assigned Region.

Sales Specialist candidates should have a Bachelor’s degree preferably in sales or marketing, 5 to 10 years of previous sales experience specific to Assisted Living, Independent Living and Memory Care communities with significant level of responsibility and accountability for goal achievement.

Click here for more information about the Sales Specialist role at Five Star Senior Living.

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Dining Room Supervisor

The Dining Room Supervisor at Five Star Senior Living’s Glenn Mills community assists residents eat their meals, manages a staff of 15 and oversees dining room operations.

The ideal candidate should have a high school diploma, supervisory experience, and at least 1 year of experience as a dietary aide.

Click here for information on the Dining Room Supervisor position at Five Star Senior Living.

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Resident Assistant

Among other duties, the Resident Assistant at Five Star Senior Living reminds residents to take medication and observing residents while they take medication, and reports any changes to the nurse or designated charge person.

TheResident Assistant candidate should have a valid, unrestricted state certification and maintain CEU’s, CPR/First Aid Certification and be able to read, write, speak and understand English.

Click here for more information on the Resident Assistant position at Five Star Senior Living.

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