Swarthmore Receives Federal Grant for Fire Protection


Image via the Swarthmore Fire and Protective Association's Facebook page.

Swarthmore has been awarded a federal grant for fire protection that will significantly help the borough’s fire department, writes Susan Serbin for Delaware County News Network.

The Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response grant is issued through the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA.

Swarthmore is one of many municipalities nationwide with a fire department that is facing serious funding challenges. The grant of $287,268 will help solve this for the next three years.

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“This is an unprecedented third consecutive time we have gotten this grant,” said Swarthmore Fire and Protective Association President Rick Lee. “We believe it is because our department was recognized as one that could benefit in our serving the borough.”

He said that having people available during the day is of crucial importance, noting that volunteers are less available at that time.

Every year, while preparing the upcoming budget, the council carefully considers the fire department’s funding request. The need to finance paid stuff arose due to what Lee calls “vanishing volunteers.”

“This will cover 75 percent of our cost for firefighter staff for those three years,” he said.

Read more about Swarthmore’s grant from Delaware County News Network by clicking here.

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