Radnor Bracing for Invasion of Tree-Killing Bugs

With the threat of the emerald ash borer looming, Radnor Township has been urged to draw up a long-term battle plan. Image of John Hosbach Jr. and Gretchen Groebel via Linda Stein, Main Line Media News.

Radnor Township is being urged to draw up battle plans for the imminent invasion of the emerald ash borer.

The ash tree-killing Asian bug has been on the march from Michigan since 2002, according to a Main Line Media News report by Linda Stein.

The long-term battle plan recommended by township arborist John Hosbach Jr. and the Radnor Conservancy involves an inventory of all ash trees in the township and a determination of whether each tree should be treated with pesticide or removed.

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“They really do need to put a plan in place to deal with dead ash trees,” said Radnor Conservancy Executive Director Gretchen Groebel. “Those big old trees that make our community great do need care just like our homes. They do need maintenance.”

Hosbach is advising residents to seek expert opinions about whether or not efforts should be made to save a private ash tree from the threat of the emerald ash borer.

“You don’t want to treat a tree that is decayed inside,” he said.

Meanwhile, township officials are working on providing relief from the shade tree replacement rule for residents affected by the emerald ash borer.

Read more about the emerald ash borer warning from Main Line Media News here.

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