Chaddsford Winery Returns to Its Roots with European-Style White Wines


Image via Suchat Pederson, Wilmington News Journal.

The 35-year-old Chaddsford Winery has returned to its roots with a range of European-style, dry white wines, writes Patricia Talorico for The Wilmington News Journal.

The winery unveiled its 2016 Sauvignon Blanc in May at a private club in Wilmington. The wine has a delicious minerality with notes of lime zest and melon without being overly sweet, and it goes well with anything from arugula salad to yellowfin sushi.

The new style is in stark contrast to its wines from recent years, which were sweeter and tasted like apple pie or grape jelly.

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This makes its new Sauvignon Blanc more of a reboot for the winery. European-style wines were the original focus of Chaddsford when it was founded in the early 1980s.

This switch-back was the brainchild of Vice President and General Manager Corey Krejcik, who worked at the winery for three years until 2010, and then returned in 2015.

With the support of Chaddsford owners, the Petrillo family, he went back to producing dry wine.

“It’s a sign of things to come, a nod to a lot of things we’re trying to do here now,” said Krejcik.

Read more about Chaddsford Winery’s new products at The Wilmington News Journal here.

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