Work on Deepening Delaware River Reaches Final Stages

Image via PhilaPort.

Work on deepening the Delaware River to allow easier access for ships on their way to unload containers at PhilaPort is reaching the final stages, writes Linda Lloyd for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The port is looking to capitalize on its new momentum, thanks to a $300 million investment from the Wolf Administration. Previously known as the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority, it was renamed PhilaPort to make it more recognizable for international trade.

“The name PhilaPort helps distinguish us from the many other regional authorities and commissions as we seek to capitalize on the opportunities that will result from our expansion,” said PhilaPort chairman Jerry Sweeney.

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Part of the project includes deepening the Delaware River from 40 to 45 feet so larger ships can navigate the channel more easily. This will involve dredging the stretch of the Delaware River between Chester and Wilmington. It will also require blasting near Marcus Hook, which is set to begin on Dec. 1.

The entire project expected to be complete sometime in 2018.

“You’ve got a $300 million investment from the state. The channel will soon be completed. It’s a lot of moving parts,” said Dennis Rochford, president of the Maritime Exchange for the Delaware River and Bay.

Read more about PhilaPort and the deepening of the Delaware River in the Philadelphia Inquirer by clicking here.

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