They May Have Stumbled, but They Didn’t Stay Down: Local Students Earn GEDs


Through hard work, determination, and a little help, a group of students have earned their GEDs and are ready to take on life’s next challenge. Mussa Kromah, left, delivers his commencement speech, while former Chester Mayor John Linder addresses students as the keynote speaker.

They stumbled once early in life, but they didn’t stay down.

Last week, more than three dozen Delaware County students cleared a major obstacle in their career paths by earning their GED.

The high school equivalency diplomas were handed out at Delaware County Community College to 19 graduates from PathWays PA, 10 DCCC grads, and nine from the Delaware County Literacy Council, according to a report in the Daily Times.

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“It’s clear sailing from here,” said former Chester Mayor, DCLC Board Member, and Adjunct Professor John Linder. “It’s not necessarily smooth sailing, but it’s clear. Don’t stop now. Go to the next level.”

Student commencement speaker Mussa Kromah also spoke about hard work and never giving up.

“In Africa, we have a saying,” he said. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Read more about the local GED commencement in the Daily Times here.

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