Get a Chance to Present Your Idea at Philly Tech Week 2017


The 2nd annual Introduced: A Curated B2B Event during Philly Tech Week 2017 presented by Comcast will give business owners the chance to present their ideas in front of some of the most successful companies in the region, writes Lauren Giles for Philly.

Among the companies attending the event are Amtrak, Power Home Remodeling Group, QVC, SEPTA, and Wawa.

Anyone interested in taking advantage of this opportunity needs to apply online at using the site’s meeting request form. After submissions are received, staff will talk to the purchase representatives, who will then decide whom they want to meet with.

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Those selected will get an opportunity to pitch their products or services to the purchasing departments of some of the region’s biggest businesses.

Felicite Moorman, CEO at BuLogics and StratIS, said it is crucial to have a defined agenda beforehand to make the most of the 10-minute meeting.

“I recommend a one-minute, personable meet/intro, two minutes of traditional pitch, a one minute ask, and five minutes of discussion, garnering feedback and next steps,” she said.

Read more about pitching at Tech Week from by clicking here.

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