Villanova’s Unique New Endeavor to Impact the Way the Public Engages with History

Villanova alum Albert Lepage stands with Dean Adele Lindenmeyr. (Image via Villanova University.)

1487020384236The lessons of history are being brought to the forefront of public discussion alongside relevant trending world news in a unique new Villanova University endeavor.

Funded by a $10 million donation from Lepage Bakeries Co-Chairman Albert Lepage and led by a Library of Congress historian, the new Lepage Center for History in the Public Interest is poised to bring history to life.

It will do so by “managing events, research, publications, and programs that bring together scholars, students, policymakers, and other stakeholders to dive into the intersection of history and modern global events,” according to a Philadelphia Business Journal report by Michelle Caffrey.

The Lepage Center just opened on the heels of the addition of leaders Jason Steinhauer and Paul Steege.

“Dr. Steege is a highly-respected historian whose research has earned him well-deserved recognition, while Mr. Steinhauer is an innovative professional and a passionate advocate for history and scholarship, with demonstrated success in creatively and engagingly sharing it with the public,” said Villanova Dean Adele Lindenmeyr.

“With our leaders now in place, the Lepage Center for History in the Public Interest is set to begin making a tangible impact on the way the public engages with history.”

Read more about the new institute in the Philadelphia Business Journal here.

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