With Real Estate Blossoming in the ’Burbs, Four of City’s Private Equity Funds Achieve Record Numbers


With real estate blossoming, Ward Fitzgerald, CEO of the Exeter Property Group, has reason to smile.

With the prime real estate markets blossoming in the Philadelphia suburbs, the city’s real estate private equity funds are achieving record numbers, with four of them amassing a staggering combined total of $18 billion since their inception, writes Natalie Kostelni for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

And Equus Capital Partners, Exeter Property Group, Lubert-Adler, and Rubenstein Partners are not slowing down. They continue to actively seek additional funds dedicated to acquiring and developing properties.

These firms have amassed billions of dollars over the last quarter of a century through endowments, public and private pensions, universities, and sovereign wealth funds, as well as from high-net-worth investors, although only tangentially.

Three of the four firms are focused on only purchasing properties in the U.S., while one has also ventured into Europe. They focus their purchases on properties from four main sectors: office, industrial, retail, and multifamily.

While these are the largest real estate private equity funds in the Philadelphia region, they are certainly not the only ones. According to the research firm Preqin, the amount of money flowing into the 21 funds in the Philadelphia region over the last decade is $9.3 billion, ranking the region ninth nationwide.

Read more about Philadelphia’s real estate private equity funds in the Philadelphia Business Journal by clicking here.

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