For Women, Stress from Holiday Office Party as Real as It Gets


Torn between celebrating a year of productivity and building a case for a better 2017, more women are feeling the stress of their pivotal holiday office party.

A new QVC survey of 1,500 women in America has found that despite the desire to relax and enjoy a job well done, 66 percent of respondents also aim to impress the boss and executives whom they don’t interact with daily, according to a Philadelphia Business Journal announcement.

“The holiday office party can be super stressful. It’s a celebration, but remember it’s also an extension of the workplace,” QVC host Shawn Killinger said. “You can and should own your individuality and your unique personal brand — just keep it professional!”

To do that, the women QVC surveyed indicated they will try a new look and hairstyle (80 percent) that’s more overdressed than underdressed (77 percent) — even if 40 percent are uncomfortable in it — and capable of going from day to night (64 percent). Getting it right will likely make all the difference during the party, as 73 percent think small talk is easier when they like their look.

“The best thing you can wear to the office party is confidence,” fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi said. “Wear something you love, that you feel fabulous in. Put on a color that makes you happy, and then add a little sparkle — the sweater, the shoes, or a statement necklace. That is a recipe for office party perfection.”

Read more of the findings from QVC’s survey in the Philadelphia Business Journal here.

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