Radnor’s VWR Scoops Up Two More Competitors

Manuel Brocke-Benz
Image of Manuel Brocke-Benz, president and CEO of VWR, via Ron Tarver, Philadelphia Inquirer.

Radnor’s VWR, the international laboratory equipment supplier, has acquired two of its smaller competitors, reaffirming its growth-through-acquisition approach, writes John George for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

The company has purchased BioArra and Reliable Biopharmaceutical, which brings the total number of companies it has acquired over the last two years to eight.

BioArra, which was founded eight years ago in Eagleville in Montgomery County, produces semi-processed serum from various supplier locations approved by the Department of Agriculture for further use in research and production.

Reliable Biopharmaceutical, founded nearly a half-century ago in St. Louis, produces active pharmaceutical ingredients, as well as high-purity ingredients, for biopharmaceutical, diagnostic, and cosmetic companies.

The acquisitions come only a few months after VWR acquired PAW BioScience Products, a manufacturer and distributor of products used in the biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, and diagnostic industries.

“BioArra and Reliable Biopharmaceutical greatly complement our previous acquisitions,” said Manuel Brocke-Benz, president and CEO of VWR. “These acquisitions continue to broaden our capabilities to provide value-added services and quality products to our customers.”

Read more about the latest acquisitions in the Philadelphia Business Journal by clicking here.

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