Radnor’s VWR Foundation Reaches New High

VWR Foundation
Radnor’s VWR Foundation has passed the $2 million mark in grant-giving to deserving organizations around the globe.

Radnor’s VWR Foundation, which is dedicated to providing grants to the science community, has passed the $2 million mark of funds granted to 120 organizations and programs around the world.

The milestone was reached with a TWR Legacy grant of $65,000 to the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, Calif., to build the VWR Foundation Community Teaching Lab. The funds will be used for a lab that will help students learn about basic molecular and cellular biology techniques, including hands-on demonstrations.

During the seven years since its inception, VWR Foundation has given 225 grants to support the furtherance of science. The TWR Legacy Grant program was started in 2012 to allow the Foundation to exceed its normal $10,000 grant limit for non-profits working on larger science projects.

“Over the course of the Foundation’s seven-year history, we have had the opportunity to work with amazing non-profits that are truly making a difference in science,” said Valerie Cucinotta Collado, VWR Foundation’s President. “We would like to thank VWR International, its customers, and employees for helping to make this milestone possible.“

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