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haverfordschoollogoFor more than 130 years, The Haverford School, located on the Main Line, has been dedicated to teaching boys and to helping them grow – in academics, the arts, athletics, and in moral character. Graduates of The Haverford School have consistently had national and international impact in government, business, technology, education, and more – all stemming from their personal learning experience under the passion of the School’s extraordinary educators.

School Database Administrator

This position was established for the purposes of administering the Senior Systems student information system, and collaborating with a variety of parties for the purpose of providing and/or receiving information. He/she will coordinate data management systems so that they interface with other school software systems as required, and will maintain the integrity required for student data management.

This individual will meet with various school constituents to exchange information concerning student information system software projects, data, implementation, and maintenance. The person will oversee the auditing of the current database, as well as the research, selection, and implementation of any new database modules and/or systems to facilitate best practices, data integrity, and successful data management practices.

The ideal candidate will possess a Bachelor’s Degree in a related field, and have three to five years of work experience in the IT field, preferably in Education. He/she should have demonstrated experience in student information database systems, preferably Senior Systems. The person will also have a comprehensive understanding of relational database theory and management systems, as well as the ability to understand and analyze specific organizational tasks and functional aspects.

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