Glen Mills-Based Little Nest Portraits Gains National Attention, Expands to Charlotte

Laura Novak Meyer
Laura Novak Meyer.

Little Nest Portraits of Glen Mills is starting to franchise its business model, with a deal already inked for a new 1,943-square-foot studio in Charlotte, N.C.

The successful boutique studio, headed by Laura Novak Meyer, specializes in maternity and newborn photography, as well as family portraits.

Forbes reporter Bruce Kasanoff recently profiled Novak Meyer in a feature for the magazine. She described how growing a business while avoiding imitating male counterparts works best for the new generation of successful female entrepreneurs.

Novak Meyer also discussed the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, a global non-profit with a mission to engage leading entrepreneurs to learn and grow.

She believed that traditional EO events do not reflect her peer group of young, creative women who are transforming their lifelong passions into multimillion-dollar companies. She said the main challenge is moving past the solo entrepreneur stage.

Novak Meyer encountered numerous women who were stuck on basic issues, while teaching the business of photography at workshops across the U.S. The issues ranged from severe undercapitalization to lack of any kind of strategic plan. She hopes that more women will start to see their businesses as a growing, thriving organization.

“Do we give up the dream if we don’t fit the mold?” she asked. “Many female business owners I meet say they didn’t know where to go for help or resources, or that they didn’t believe in themselves where important skills were required, such as reading P&L statements.”

Read more of Novak Meyer’s interview with Forbes by clicking here.

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