Chester’s Power Home Remodeling Encourages Upside-Down Mentoring Strategy

The youthful exuberance at Chester's Power Home Remodeling is harnessed with a reverse-mentoring strategy that affords the younger staff members the opportunity to educate their elders on technology. Photo courtesy of Career Builder.

New Power Home logoIt turns out that the latest workplace shift is to encourage millennials to mentor their older co-workers in more efficient ways of using technology to help grow the business, according to a staff report for APRO, an online tool for the rent-to-own industry.

Chester’s Power Home Remodeling is already on the cutting edge of this by actively encouraging mentoring partnerships between younger employees and their leaders, in order for the latter to take advantage of the former’s technological skills.

The process is often referred to as reverse mentoring. It affords 18-35-year-old employees the opportunity to use their technical knowledge, gained from growing up using a computer, to teach less tech-savvy Gen Xers and baby boomers how to integrate social media and other online tools into the company’s daily business operations.

“Millennials are a generation that have grown up with a lot of technology,“ said Lisa Walden, a generational expert with BridgeWork Consulting. “They’re very tech savvy. They know the ins and outs of Microsoft Office. They know all these things that might not be quite as easy for older generations.”

Read more about reverse mentoring from APRO by clicking here.

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