Technology Giants Look to Swarthmore for New Talent


The increasing interest of technology giants like Google in recruiting Swarthmore talent is leading to a growing percentage of its students studying computer science majors, writes Isaac Lee for The Daily Gazette, Swarthmore College campus newspaper.

The Career Services annual report shows that recruitment is booming as numerous employers are visiting the campus looking for talent and Swarthmore has been labeled a target school by Google.

This has not gone unnoticed by students, as the percentage of graduates with a computer science major or minor went up to 21 percent for the Class of 2018, compared to only 5.6 percent in 2012.

As technical interview workshops and industry panels keep encouraging students to consider a technology career, the question is what makes a liberal arts college like Swarthmore so interesting for technology firms?

Brendan Collins, the Universities Program Specialist responsible for Google’s outreach to Swarthmore, points to the advantages of a liberal arts background when creating products.

“Those with a liberal arts background possess the kind of well-rounded perspective so important to Google and the products we build,” noted Collins. “Google seeks to organize the world’s information and make it useful for its users, and Swatties have an incredibly keen understanding of the complexities of those users.”

Collins also pointed out that students are interested in a career in technology as it provides an amazing opportunity to work on truly innovative projects.

“It’s basically a question of supply and demand,” he said. “Swatties know that they can do amazing things at a company like Google, and companies like Google know that schools like Swarthmore are full of amazingly talented people.”

Read more about this trend at The Daily Gazette here.

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